5. Miscellaneous activities (for all users)

This section handles features that are not clearly a part of any phase of the project's lifecycle but are still none the less important.

5.1. Feature requests

In order to prevent the project from falling apart it is important that only certain people are allowed to add new tasks. People other than these can, however, come up with really good ideas for the project and there needs to be a way they can share their ideas with the people who decide what to do. For this purpose there are feature requests. Feature requests can be viewed and added via the Project main page. A feature request entry as such is very simple. It only contains the title of the request, description of the request, and the person who should decide whether this is a valuable idea or not.

5.2. Personal settings

Personal settings are related mostly to user interface issues and default values. Most important part of the personal settings is the column customization feature which enables you to choose which information to show on each page and some other related attributes. You should go through your personal settings to see that the values are convenient for you.

5.3. Viewing statistics

Statistics provide much useful information regarding the projects. You can see how much time the project will take according to given estimations, how much of the project has been done, how good your effort estimations have been, how much time has been spent on fixing bugs, etc. There are also some graphical statistics and employee related statistics.

5.4. Tracking changes

Tracking changes is a very useful feature if you're releasing minor updates rather swiftly. The change tracking system can show what changes have been made between two given dates (or Important dates specified in the project settings) and you can basically copy paste the returned result into your version history file. There are also other uses for the change tracking, such as determining which change could have created some unexpected behavior, etc.