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Audit trail

The audit trail shows all modifications made to the system by different users in various categories. The audit system can used to for example find out which user has performed some unwanted operation or to find out from what IP unallowed login attempts have been made.
The audit entries will expire (and be deleted) after the interval specified on the Settings page.

Main category
This setting specifies the main category of the entries whose modifications you are interested in.

Sub category
Sub category identifies more specificly the type of entries you are interested in. The sub categories depend on the chosen main category.

Interval specifies the time frame inside which to look for the entries. If you don't specify start date all dates before given end date are searched, if you don't specify end date all dates after given start date are searched, and if you specify neither start or end date, all dates are searched.

This setting specifies the user whose activities to show.

Delete selected
Pressing this button after search will cause all selected audit entries to be removed.

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