You must always log in to the system before you can use any features of Sirid. The system also monitors usage and if you don't do anything within the interval specified on the Settings page, you must re-login. The action you were about to do will be carried out after login.

Note: First login: When you use Sirid for the first time after installation, a default account with login name Admin and password Admin can be used to log in to the system. After login, you must immediately create a new administrator account, log in using the new account and remove the default account. Otherwise anyone can log on in to the system with administrator privileges because the default login name and password are well known.

Login name
This is the login name specified by an administrator user on the User attributes page. Login name is usually different than user name. For example, the login name of user John Doe might be jdoe, john or johnd. The login name is case insensitive.

This is the password initially specified by the administrator user who created the account, but later changeable through the Change password page. The password is case sensitive.

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