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Project attributes

On this page you can manage different attributes of a project, such as the project name, project versions, project staff and other access rights.

Project name
The project name specifies a name for the project, such as Sirid or Astrum InstallWizard. All instances of project name elsewhere in the system reference to the name specified here, so changing this value will affect all entries throughout the system.

This setting specifies whether the project is currently active or not. Inactive (disabled) projects are not shown to normal users, and they are also shown to administrator users only when explicitly requested (i.e. when the show disabled option is clicked on the Projects page).

This setting specifies the folder (if any) this project should appear in.

Show global categories
This setting specifies whether the global task and bug categories should be shown when adding tasks and bugs to this project. If this option is set, the list contains both global and project specific categories, and if this option is not set, the list contains only the project specific categories.

Default responsible
One of the staff members of a project can be set as the default responsible person for the project. The default responsible is always selected by default when adding new entries (tasks, bugs, feature requests) to the project.

Project versions
A project may have one or more versions. All bugs and tasks are related to a certain version of the project. It is not practical to add every minor version to the version list. Instead, you should add all major version upgrades here.
In order to modify the attributes of an existing project version, click the on the version and in order to add a new project version, click the Add new version link. Both links will take you to the Version attributes page.

Important dates
Important dates can be used to mark various dates of importance but they are mainly intended to specify the release dates of minor version upgrades for which you do not specify actual versions. The important dates can currently be used on the track changes page to find the changes between two Important dates.

Project staff
The project staff listing identifies the users who participate to the project in some work role. The staff listing is shown in the possible responsibles drop-down menu when reporting bugs, adding tasks or doing other such operations. The staff member's position in the project is also shown in the drop-down menus. All staff members also have some access rights to the project, which reflect their position.
In order to modify the attributes of an existing staff member, click the Modify rights link and in order to add a new staff member, click the Add staff member link. Both links will take you to the Staff member attributes page. You can also use the Quick add-option to more conveniently add serveral staff members, or the Add group-option to add a user group to the project.

Other access rights
Other access rights is a list of access rights for people who do not belong to the project staff but still need to have some access to some attributes of the project. An example case could be the customer in some dedicated software project, who needs to be able to report new bugs in the project but is naturally not a staff member.
In order to modify the attributes of an existing access right, click on the access right holder's user name and in order to add new access right, click the Add access right link. Both links will take you to the Access right holder attributes page. You can also use the Add group-option add a user group to the project.

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