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Reporting a bug

Reporting a bug is rather straightforward: First select the project in which the bug has been found and then enter few settings describing the bug. You should pay special attention on writing detailed instructions on how to repeat the bug and setting correct person(s) responsible for fixing the bug.
Note: In order to report a bug in a specific project, you must have Report bugs access right for that project.

This setting identifies the project in which the bug is located. You must select the project before you can enter any other settings.

If the project has multiple versions, version setting specifies what version the bug applies to.

The title is a short description of the bug. An example title could be "Changing task status doesn't work".

This setting specifies the category the bug belongs to. It is not necessary for bugs to have categories but the category may help to see the nature of the bug and provides a way to assort the bugs. The categories can be customized on the task and bug categories page.

The description is more informative description of the problem. It may not be necessary to write any description but the more information provided, the easier it is for the responsible person(s) to reproduce and fix the bug.

This field should give as exact as possible instructions on how to repeat the bug.

The environment field is used to specify the environment in which the bug appeared. This field should contain any such information that might have effect on the bug, such as operating system, different component versions, etc.

Suggested fix
This field is for advanced users who have some insight on how the bug could be fixed or what kind of workaround should be made.

This setting can be used to tell the responsible person(s) how critical it is to fix this bug as soon as possible.

The deadline can be used to specifically define by what time the bug must have been fixed. The Automatic reminder system uses this deadline to determine when to notify the responsible person(s) of unfixed bugs.
You can press the calendar image next to the text field in order to select the date using a graphical calendar component.

Responsible person(s)
The responsible persons are responsible for the bug getting fixed. You may specify one or more responsibles. The responsibles may have different roles, one can be the head responsible, other can be the project leader and third can be a substitute for the head responsible. Initially the system only contains one responsible role, the head responsible, but you can add any number of other roles. The list of possible responsibles contains all staff members in the project, defined on the Project attributes page.

Related bug(s)
A bug can be related with one or more other bugs. Related bugs are listed on the View bug page. You may want to specify that one bug is related with another when, for example one bug cannot be fixed before the other is fixed or if the other bug is caused by this bug.

Related tasks(s)
A bug can be related also with one or more tasks. Related tasks are listed on the View bug page like related bugs and also on the View task page. You usually want to relate a bug with the task that specifies the functionality in which the bug appeared in.

(Don't) notify me of final status changes of this bug
This option specifies whether or not you want to receive (an email) notification when the status of the bug is changed into a "final" state. Final states for bugs are Fixed, Was not a bug, Cannot be fixed and Couldn't be reproduced.
You can specify the default state for this setting on the Personal settings page.

(Don't) send notification to responsibles
This option specifies whether or not to send a notification to responsible person(s). The email may or may not be sent to all responsibles, depending on their role
You can specify the default state for this setting on the Personal settings page.

Additional emails
You can use the Additional emails field to specify more email addresses where to send the bug notification. This setting is independent of the Send notification to responsibles setting; the notification will be sent to these addresses regardless of the state of that setting. Multiple email addresses must be separated using a semicolon. For example:;
Note: When you specify additional email(s), the notification will always be sent using the default system language.

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