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User group members (a)

User groups allow you categorize the users. The main function of user groups is tell the system which users are allowed to see bugs and tasks related to other users. This functionality enables you to create for example subcontractor groups and customer groups, and specify that the users in these groups are only allowed to see bugs and tasks that are related to the user itself or another member of the group. Users can belong to more than one group in which case they can see the bugs and tasks related to a group member in any of these groups.

To prevent the user from seeing any other than the related bugs and tasks, you should give the user "View related tasks" and "View related bugs" access rights instead of the normal "View tasks" and "View bugs" access rights that allow the user to see all bugs and tasks. The access rights can be specified when adding a new staff member to the project.

On this page you can set the members of a group by pressing the Set group members link and then checking those users you want to have in this group. Users can be removed from a group by either pressing the Remove link next to the user name or by clicking Set group members and unchecking the specific user.

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