Using this help

This help is divided into three parts: Contents, Index and Search. Each of them contains the same information but the information is assorted differently. Contents contains all topics in a tree-like hierarcy, index contains all topics in alphabetical order and search allows you to look for topics based on some search words. The search words are also highlighted in the search results (the highlight only works with Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher).

Pages in Sirid are divided into two categories: Pages that can be accesses by all users and pages that can be accessed only by administrator users. The latter contain a non-capital a in parenthesis after the topic title. For example Project management (a).

Help articles that are directly related to some page in Sirid, contain one possible navigation route to that page on the top of the article. For example:
Main menu -> Project management
That route is just one possibility and many pages can be accessed via many routes. For example the View bug page can be access via My bugs, Project bugs and Find a bug pages.

Most help pages also contain a list of related topics at the bottom of the page. That list usually contains all the links used within the article that are relevant in perspective of the article and any other relevant links that were not mentioned in the article.